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First trip afield with the Foxpro.

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Re: First trip afield with the Foxpro.

Postby TN Song Dog » Mon Mar 11, 2019 7:51 pm

Welcome to the complex world of coyote hunting and calling. Coyotes are super territorial. If you were playing vocals to them, they might of been responding to you. It's hard to know if the vocals you play are inviting or threatening. They may have actually come closer for a look after you left or they may of ran away the other direction. Hard to say.

Best adice I have is to not call same locations more that every 3 or 4 months... so a max of 3 or 4 times per year. Stick to basic prey in distress sounds. Walk in very quietly and behind cover of tree lines or terrain. Take minimum equipment, set up quietly, and wait about 5 to 15 min before starting to call. Once calling is over or even after shooting a yote, wait atest 5 or 10 min before getting up. My first double happened because I sat still after killing one. 6 min later with no calling, another one came out of nowhere and started sniffing the dead one.

Lots more could be said on the topic, I'm sure. Maybe Slim will chime in. He is hands down the resident expert.
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Re: First trip afield with the Foxpro.

Postby slim » Wed Mar 13, 2019 6:49 pm

March is a hard month to call them. With most of the coyote hunters hunting January and February it's hard to find dogs that haven't been called. They already paired up and the breeding is over so it's hard to get them to respond to your vocals. It will happen some but it's not consistent. I have my best luck in March when it's cold cause they'll be hungry. Now if you want to have some fun wait till after Turkey season and go hit them with some vocals. If they respond throw some challenge barks at them followed with some pup distress. Get ready cause they will be coming fast....

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