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Recommendations Needed Outfitter for Quail/Pheasant

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Recommendations Needed Outfitter for Quail/Pheasant

Postby Roadracer6 » Fri Jan 10, 2020 9:39 am

Looking to take a group of guys (15-20) for a 2 day outing to hunt either quail or pheasants. These all will be construction guys and we are looking for a nice cabin to stay in with maybe some other stuff to do while we are there. Does anybody have any recommendations for an area within 3-4 hours of middle TN? I’m also researching a deep sea fishing adventure but wanted a closer to home option in case that doesn’t pan out. Looking at doing this in March and will be a Thursday-Saturday deal.
Thanks for any input!
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Re: Recommendations Needed Outfitter for Quail/Pheasant

Postby RUGER » Fri Jan 10, 2020 12:24 pm

Meadow Brook Game Farm
1600 Meadowbrook Dr.
Westmoreland, TN 37186

We had a tndeer hunt there several years ago.
I didn't get to go due to my hip problem but everyone that went had a blast.
Pffft forget that, I'm going fishing.
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Re: Recommendations Needed Outfitter for Quail/Pheasant

Postby Chaneylake » Fri Jan 10, 2020 1:07 pm


"Buck" boat captain at Orange Beach.

Absolutely great this summer will be my 4th year with him.
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