DroomVanger Custom Rods (Reviewed by Ruger)

Field Test and Review by Daniel Mires (Ruger)

I communicated with the owner of DroomVanger and each component was discussed, one by one to ensure DroomVanger would provide me with exactly what I wanted. My curiosity as to what he could actually craft led me to order a very specialized rod for one specific purpose. I am a “hard core” bream fisherman and the $20.00 box store combos just doesn’t do it for me. I needed a rod with a strong work ethic.

I ordered a 7’6” medium action rod with a super fast tip. This would allow a firm hook set, which is a must for the way I fish. The super fast tip would allow me to use light line and still play the fish. The tip would be forgiving enough not to break the larger fish off. I also demanded the rod have exceptional feel to detect the sometimes very subtle bites that can come with the wary big old Redear I target. I also wanted something visually different.

We decided on a neon green blank with purple wraps, purple faded grip. The owner of DroomVanger offered great opinions on which rod guide eyes to use in the rod design. DroomVanger Custom Rods went above and beyond and even came up with a cool name for my new rig, “The Joker”. The price point was right in line with any quality custom fishing rod. The workmanship, in my opinion, made it more than worth the price. Every rod is quoted specifically as each component will have a slightly different price. These custom rods are not for everyone as they start at around $100 and go up from there.

DroomVanger Custom Rod

I conducted my field test under the toughest conditions I will face all year. Late December, with windy as well as calm conditions. Anyone that fishes this time of the year knows the bite is usually “light” to say the least. The rod detected the lightest of bites on every trip. I was actually able to land several bass in the 1 ½ to 2 pound range and several limits of “stocker” trout. The rod had plenty of backbone to handle the larger fish and yet sensitive enough to handle the little heavyweight bream that I caught. I judged the company as well as the rod on several different criteria that I find personally important. I take care of my equipment and don’t abuse it, but I am not a kid gloves kind of guy. I expect my equipment to work as hard as I do and this rod did not disappoint.

I can definitely say this product and company are indeed TnDeer approved!

Daniel R. Mires
Owner / Chief Operations Officer
TnDeer Inc.

DroomVanger Custom Rods

Starting at $100.00

Quality of Workmanship


Speed of Delivery






Price Point



  • Strong Rod Blank
  • Super Sensitive
  • Great Color Scheme
  • Proven Fish Catcher

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