Chris Kyle American Sniper Tactical Seat Cover Review

Field test and Review performed by: Kirk Gardner (Kirk)

My front, driver side seat had a hole developing so I needed a seat cover that would fit and offer some perks. I performed a lot of research on truck seat covers and liked the versatility of the tactical style seat covers. The military style add on accessory bags were exactly what I needed for gear storage. I chose the Kryptek made Chris Kyle American Sniper Tactical Seat Cover.


The seat cover was purchased for the 2010 Toyota Tundra that I drive. I placed it on the seat and worked to adjust and snug the support straps to remove the wrinkles and get a snug fit. I am disappointed by the loose fit of the seat cover. It does not fit as snugly as I had hoped it would. The back of the seat cover contains several rows of built in Molle Straps for attaching gear bags. The gear bags are not included and must be ordered separately. I purchased a First Aid gear bag, two tool bags, two small gear bags and a flashlight holder. All fit well in the Molle gear straps and do not rattle or flop. I was very pleased with the tactical portion of the seat cover.

I would have preferred a tighter fit but it is a universal seat cover and for the price it is great.

Chris Kyle American Sniper Tactical Seat Cover


Quality of Workmanship


Adjustment Design




Seat Cover Fit


Price Point



  • Molle Gear straps
  • Accepts accessory bags
  • Supports Chris Kyle
  • Easy to Install - One Size - Adjustable Fit


  • Fit is very loose.
  • Not enough adjustment straps.

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