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Tennessee Big Game Checking Stations

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Kill Tagging and Checking Stations


Big game tagging: – It is unlawful to move, transport or field dress any big game animal, except for feral hogs, without invalidating and attaching a properly completed temporary kill tag. If additional animals are to be harvested on that day, the hunter is not required to stop hunting and tag the animal until he/she is ready to move, transport, or field dressed the animal.

At the conclusion of the hunt, all harvested animals, one of which must be tagged, must be transported to the nearest checking station on that calendar day. At the checking station a permanent kill tag will be issued for each animal harvested plus one new temporary tag will be given to the hunter for their next hunt. The permanent harvest tag is a legal document and must be signed by the hunter.

By signing the permanent kill tag, the hunter is affirming that the information, as it appears on the permanent tag, is correct and valid. The permanent kill tag must remain with the carcass until final processing. All big game taken to taxidermists must have proper documentation showing the permanent kill tag number, checking station number, and date of kill. Persons legally hunting without a license (See “No License Needed For” under “License Fees”) or possessing a permanent license must also take any big game animal, except for feral hogs, they harvest to a checking station where a kill tag will be issued. After receiving the kill tag from checking in the first kill, these persons must comply with all tagging regulations.