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TnDeer.Com is literally the largest mass of Tennessee Deer hunters ever assembled! TnDeer.Com is now serving thousands of Tennessee Deer hunters each and every month and each one is a potential customer for your deer hunting products and services.

Either buy one of our full page ads in our Advertisers Directory or a more visible Banner advertisement which gives you maximum exposure. We can also do a Custom Ad Package for you which can include both a Banner ad and a Full Page ad in our Advertisers Directory, along with other options to promote your products and services.



Here’s what a few of our advertisers have to say about us!Scott W. Hughes ~ Internet Marketing Coordinator ~ Realtree/Advantage Camo Brands:“Take a look at how much Realtree spends with any other web sites outside of AlDeer.Com and TnDeer.Com. That number would be “$0.” That is how much I think of these sites and how loyal I have seen the folks are in here to their sponsors.”Ronney Ford, owner of DenRon, Inc, makers of Mineral Magic Deer Attractant:“Your site does possess sales power, this weekend for us was just one example. Let me know when it is time to ‘re-up’ our ad for next year, as an advertiser I’m sold on”.



Who is using TnDeer.Com ~ Its always good to know who is using and visiting your web site, so TnDeer.Com placed an anonymous survey on the site in November 2004. Within a few days over 1,000 hunters had taken the time to compete it and here are a few numbers you might be interested in:

  • The average age of a TnDeer.Com viewer is 30 – 39
  • The average viewer visits TnDeer.Com 1 – 3 times per week
  • 2% of TnDeer.Com viewers are female
  • 6% of the site’s viewers are from outside the borders of Tennessee
  • 77% of viewers indicated they continue to visit TnDeer.Com during the off season
  • 81% of the viewers rated the TnDeer.Com web site quality as above Average/Excellent

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You can get your business maximum exposure with one of our banner ads. They can be located on our banner list, which is visible on the left hand side of almost all of our web site pages (just look to your left right now to see them in action) or you can “sponsor” one of our most “frequented” pages, such as the Trophy Room or the Sunrise/Sunset page and have your banner located there.

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Information on your ad should be up to one page in length and include any or all of the following information:

Good Quality Color Logo Image
Your Business Name
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Link to your Web Site if you have one.And of course, a description of your products or services.

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